Slow Processing Speed and the 2e Child

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Watch Recording Here (Recorded 5/4/22)

Slow processing speed affects every part of a child's life; however, most people know little about it beyond perhaps a score on the WISC test. Join educational therapist Marcy Dann to learn where processing speed is used in daily life and how it affects routines, academics, socializing, and emotions for 2e learners. Come away with ideas on how to support your child by making supportive changes to their home and school environments. Balance our speed-valuing culture with a discussion of advantages that come with this difference.

Marcy Dann is a board certified educational therapist who has been in clinical practice for 35+ years. Dann also consults at Bridges Academy, an independent school for twice-exceptional students in the Los Angeles area where she has worked since 2004. She was the coordinator for the Master's and Post-Master's Certificate Programs in Educational Therapy at California State University at Northridge (CSUN) as well as an adjunct instructor and supervisor (2004-2021). She held several elected board positions including President of the Association of Educational Therapists (2010- 2012) where she was honored by AET as a Fellow for her exceptional work performed on behalf of the profession of educational therapy. Dann is a contributing writer to the 2e News (2021), Variations 2e (2020), and Clinical Practice of Educational Therapy: Functioning with Diversity (Ficksman & Adelizzi, 2018).

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