2e Self Advocacy Panel—Help Your Student Understand Their Brain, and Their Teachers, Too!

Watch the recording of the 2e Self Advocacy Panel and check out the speaker slides below.

Monday, Mar 29, 2021, 7-8:30pm

Panel Featuring:

Dr. Kari Berquist, Psychologist, http://kariberquist.com/about.html

Nancy Kong, Educational Therapist

Toni Ratzburg, Clinical Director, MFT, https://www.beaconwellnessteam.com/toni-ratzburg-lmft-52576

Knowing how your brain learns—and talking with your teachers about how they can modify assignments to fit your learning needs—is touted as one of the most important skills 2e students should develop. 2e kids often lose self-esteem when they aren’t able to learn the way the classroom or assignments are organized. Students gain confidence with the success that comes with having their environment or assignments adjusted so they can access their learning abilities. Explore the prerequisites to self-advocacy, discover how to help students understand what their brain needs to succeed at school, learn specific developmentally-appropriate techniques to try with your 2e learners, and gain skills to help you and your child communicate with educators about your child’s needs.

Co-Sponsored with CAC and PTAC

. Kari Berquist REEL-CAC-PTAC Self-Adv
Nancy Kong REEL-CAC-PTAC Self Advocacy P
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Toni Ratzburg REEL-CAC-PTAC Self-Advocac
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