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REEL supports Bay Area Peninsula 2e kids by providing a bridge between educators and parents.

2e Educator One Pager

Share this one-pager with your teacher or school to introduce them to 2e.

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Back to School: Creating Your Student Intro One-Sheet

A Student Intro One Sheet is a concise, easy to read, and useful “cheat sheet” distributed at the start of the school year that supports teacher understanding of the student and their unique needs before challenges arise in the classroom.

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8 Strength-Based Activities to Kick Off the School Year

We’ve assembled 8 strength-based activities to uncover and tap into the strengths and interests of students.


Research shows that focusing on student strengths, integrating their interests, and developing their talents will energize their motivation, help them to build self-confidence and self-determination, and create authentic ways to build skills even in areas of challenge.

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A group for Peninsula parents where we can ask questions, share resources, discuss advocating for our 2e kids in school and support one another.

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