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We’re Making An Impact - And Ready to Keep Growing!

We set ambitious targets in our five-year, four-goal strategic plan launched in Spring 2023. We called on our community to contribute to our vision and propel our ability to hire the team we need to serve the parents and educators of Silicon Valley’s 2e, neurodivergent learners. Our community answered the call and we’ve seen unprecedented impact!

Check out REEL's 2023-24 accomplishments - and our plans for the coming years. We’re ready to keep growing in 2024-25 and beyond. Our community’s support is more important than ever. Please donate today to be part of the movement to create a new future for 2e learners in Silicon Valley!

Accomplishments in 2023-24


What we plan to achieve by 2028

500 educators reached through REEL introductory workshops

4,500 educators accessed REEL resources

90% of site-based educators are very familiar with the term “2e” 

5,000 (that's 10x!) educators reached through REEL introductory workshops 

10,000 educators (2x+) accessed REEL resources

Established and flourishing Educator Advisory Board

DEAR REAL educator model whitepaper published and downloaded hundreds of times

100 school sites and 5,000 educators using the DEAR REEL educator model

10,000 touch-points per year with the DEAR REEL educator professional development modules

3,300 parents in our email list and 700 parents in our online community 

56,000 touch-points with individuals (already 6k over our goal!)  

Launched A Parents Guide to IEPs for 2e Learners, with 300+ downloads

Spanish language translations: website, IEP Guide

9,000 parents (nearly 3x) in our email list and our online community 

150,000 touchpoints (~3x) with individuals 

Expand reach into historically under-served communities, including Ravenswood

Hired our first part-time Executive Director, Marketing Associate, Educator Program Manager, and Parent Program Manager

$120,000/year budget 5 board members

Full staff as needed for all programs   $500,000/year budget (growth requires resources)

10 board members

Our impact is REAL. Read some of these testimonials from parents, educators, and 2e students:

Last year, we asked for contributions to hire our first Executive Director. This year, contributions are essential for us to accomplish the following:

  • Develop online and in-person professional development modules based on our new DEAR REEL model so that educators can apply research-based, practical strategies to support the neurodivergent/2e in their classrooms

  • Create online and hybrid versions of our popular introductory educator workshops

  • Conduct outreach to historically underrepresented communities

  • Deepen the impact of our Signature Speaker Series, including Spanish translations and discussion guides for parents and educators

  • And so much more.

We can't wait to see our momentum grow! Thanks to our community of donors and volunteers, we're seeing "reel" change for the 2e and neurodivergent in Silicon Valley.

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