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Harnessing your Child's Strengths: Strength-Based Strategies Workshop

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Harnessing your Child's Strengths: Strength-Based Strategies Workshop
Harnessing your Child's Strengths: Strength-Based Strategies Workshop

Time & Location

05 mar 2022, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


About the event


Do you wish your child were more engaged and motivated in school and their life? Strength-based strategies are essential for helping twice-exceptional learners develop lifelong self-determination. Join us for a daylong workshop where we will dive deeply into these strategies and how to apply them specifically with your own child. We’ll kick off the day by discussing talent and strength development techniques and strategies that can help your student be more successful in the classroom and at home. Each participant will then have a chance to present information on their child to the group; the REEL team and your parent peer participants will generate creative ideas and suggestions tailored to your child’s unique situation. A preparation package to gather information about your child will be sent to you before the workshop, to help you pull together key details for creating a personalized plan for your child. At the end of this workshop, you will walk away with key insights about supporting the development of your child’s strengths, with detailed ideas that the group generates for your child.

This full day workshop will be held in person at Touchstone Learning in Redwood City, and is limited to 4 participants.

Cost: $250 (inaugural session pricing!) per person. Lunch will be provided.


10am - 12pm: Welcome and introductions, followed by a presentation on different strength based approaches for the classroom, and how to find, nurture, and understand your child's strengths and talents.

12 - 1pm: Working lunch: using the techniques we just discussed and the data you gathered before the workshop, spend this time thinking about what you'd like to focus on in our group work in the afternoon. Facilitators will be available for support and questions.

1 - 4pm: Each participant will have 40 minutes dedicated to their child, with 5 minute breaks between sessions. The first 15-20 minutes of your time will be your opportunity to present your child to the group, and which areas you'd like to focus on. During the second 20 minutes, the group will brainstorm ideas for your child. These sessions will be facilitated by our REEL team. One member of our team will be recording the ideas generated and will provide this written record to you after the session.

4 - 4:30 pm: Debrief and wrap up. What surprised you in this workshop? What did you learn? What will you do with this information? What is next in your journey?

Preparation package will be provided approximately one month before the workshop and will include short interview style questionnaires for you to send to people in your child's life, including teachers, parents, support team, etc. We will also provide some examples for you to begin thinking about and working on what you will present during your 20 minute presentation time.

About the Workshop moderator

Abby Kirigin is a Partner at REEL. She is a mom to three gifted, creative, and 2e children. She is pursuing her doctorate at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education and is the Administrative Director for Touchstone Learning, an elementary school for dyslexic learners. Abby recently completed her certificate in Twice-Exceptionality from Bridges, which included training in using the Bridges Academy Suite of Tools. In addition she holds a Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon and a B.S. in Computer Science & Philosophy. She can be reached at

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