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On Tuesday, October 23 we heard from Adrianne Meldrum, the founder and owner of Made for Math (MFM), an all-online math center focused on serving students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and math learning disabilities. She is a certified Multisensory Math Instructor through Marilyn Zecher, and holds a Master’s Degree from Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity.

Adrianne spoke to us about how dyslexia, dysgraphia, working memory, and processing speed can impact performance in math. Adrianne also touched on math anxiety, math facts, showing work, and more. We learned about the reasons 2e kids may face challenges at various ages and what parents and schools can do to help.

Adrianne was kind enough to share lots of links and resources with us after her talk, including:

Adrianne's recommended resource list:

REEL Multisensory Math Handout
Download PDF • 305KB

The music playlist referred to in the talk:

This fun animated GIF:

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