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School Options

Many parents of twice-exceptional learners find that their local public schools may not meet the needs of their unique students. Often, they will want to gather more information on private, charter, virtual and even other public school options, both locally and around the country.

REEL maintains a school list in order to help support Bay Area parents of 2e children during their search for school options:

The list is divided into two sheets. The first sheet focuses on private/charter/virtual schools that are available in the Bay Area, with an initial focus primarily on the mid-Peninsula region, although we have included some schools from the East Bay, San Francisco, and San Jose and would be happy to add more. The second sheet focuses on schools specifically created for 2e learners outside of the Bay Area, some of which include virtual options.

This list is by no means exhaustive. And, information on this list may become out of date and is based on personal experience rather than any rigorous research method. Thank you for your interest and good luck with your wonderfully unique learners!

Please email with updates and additions.

For further information on REEL and our programs or to join our email list, please visit; follow up on Facebook @reel2e.

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