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distance learning

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Teaching 2e: Supporting 2e Distance Learners

REEL is excited to launch the “Teaching 2e: Supporting 2e Distance Learners” Resource Kit for educators, with top tips, strategies for key challenges, and a series of in-depth blog posts.

Based on advice from over a dozen parents of twice-exceptional learners as well as input from experienced educators, the tools identify what has and hasn’t worked about distance learning, with practical strategies to help 2e students learn and grow in these uncertain times.

Make the most of remote learning with this unique population of students, who are incredibly bright and experience learning differences.

Our Top 10 Teaching Tips for Helping 2e Students with Distance Learning one-pager is a quick guide to best practices and solutions to common challenges for educators.

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A group for Peninsula parents where we can ask questions, share resources, discuss advocating for our 2e kids in school and support one another.

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Our blog posts go into more depth in specific areas:

What to Do? Twice-Exceptional Students and Distance Learning

Every parent, student, and educator’s life was thrown into disarray with the Covid-19 pandemic. And it appears that we’ll all be on this rollercoaster ride for the foreseeable future. Given that, how do we make the most of the situation?

Critical Success Factor: The Daily Schedule
Remote learning completely upended regular routines for every teacher, parent and student. When we gathered a dozen parents of twice-exceptional learners and asked them to reflect on distance learning for their 2e children, one theme came up more than any other - the importance of setting a clear, daily schedule.

Benefits of Distance Learning for 2e Learners
By now, most parents and teachers are aware of the challenges of distance learning. But, it might surprise teachers to know that distance learning actually delivered key benefits to 2e students.

About us:

REEL supports 2e kids by providing a bridge between their educators and parents. We raise awareness and understanding of 2e kids and provide resources to make school a place they can be successful. We disseminate and create 2e resources for advocating for and supporting 2e kids at school.

About 2e:

Twice-exceptional (2e) children possess exceptional talents and experience learning differences such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, dyslexia, etc.

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