Stanford Neurodiversity Virtual Summit

Oct 17-21

REEL has been working on a K-12 strand that addresses the needs of neurodiverse students. We've got three great sessions lined up!

Oct 17 6:00pm: What Works and Wish List for K-12 Student Experience

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Neurodivergent panelists - including high school and college students as well as an alumna and educator at a school for twice exceptional learners - share their experiences as K-12 students, including what neurodiversity means to them, what neurodiversity-related advocacy or education looks like from their perspective, and which educational support structures have been most helpful.

Oct 19 4:30pm: Leveraging Strengths to Build Skills for College and Work

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Veteran educator Jay Michael Dunlap and psychologist Louise Olivia Kindell, Psy.D., share their insights about helping neurodivergent children, their parents, and their educators to leverage children’s strengths and build college- and career-ready skills. 

Oct 20, 4:30pm: Diagnostic Disparities

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Receiving an accurate diagnosis and timely support is critical for K-12 students. Misdiagnosis, underdiagnosis, and lack of support can adversely impact students’ educational, psychological, and emotional well-being. In this session, we will discuss the intersection of disability with other forms of marginalization, including race.

Registration begins Sept 8!

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