REEL at PAUSD Family Summit

April 17 10-11am: Living and Learning 2e: What Teens Say

Neurodivergent, twice-exceptional students have few forums to express their lived educational experiences. Recently, Silicon Valley 2e advocacy group REEL launched its “Living & Learning 2e” blog series, dedicated to giving twice-exceptional teens and young adults a place to share their voices. The bloggers include students from ninth grade through sophomore year in college with a range of learning differences such as autism, ADHD, dysgraphia, and anxiety. While every 2e learner is different, come hear the common themes that emerged across the six bloggers’ experiences that shine a light on ways parents and educators can better support them, then hear from a couple of the bloggers themselves!

Did you miss the Living & Learning 2e session? The recording of this session is now available!

Apr 17 12:05 - 12:45pm: Lunch and Learn Open Chat Session

May 15 10-11am: Neurodivergence Through the Female Lens

Did you know girls are commonly overlooked, undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed when it comes to learning differences such as ADHD, autism, and dyslexia? Join us to learn what the research says about this phenomena, its impact on K12 education, and what career paths might work best to better address the needs of neurodivergent females.

Did you miss Neurodivergence Through the Female Lens? You can watch the recording!

May 15 11:05am-12:05pm: Intro to 2e: Understanding Your Smart & Struggling Student

Do you have a bright child who struggles to show it at school? Are they doing advanced math at home for fun but won’t fill out a simple worksheet at school? Have they memorized elaborate sequences of historical events but can’t remember to turn in their homework? You may have a twice exceptional (2e) child! Yael Valek and Callie Turk, founders of Resilience and Engagement for Every Learner (REEL) as well as parents of twice exceptional (2e) kids, present an interactive overview of 2e - what it is, why it matters, and effective approaches for supporting 2e learners. 2e students experience both high ability and learning challenges, which presents unique challenges in the classroom, including asynchronous development that may lead to anxiety and behavior issues. Explore strategies to help your child thrive at school.

Didn't make it to Intro to the 2e Learner? Check out the recording!

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