Private School Panel

10/28 7-8:30pm, Zoom info sent day before event

Read the key takeaways from the 2021 panel

Are you considering a private school for your 2e child? Join Dr Lisa White, psychologist at Summit Center and school consultant for 2e kids, and REEL members Abby Kirigin, Carmen O'Shea, and Callie Turk - three parents of 2e kids that have experienced a dozen Bay Area K-12 schools firsthand and researched 30+ more. Learn about the signs it's time to make a change, the process of finding a right-fit school for your 2e child, as well as the application process. Ask questions and get answers from the parent and expert perspective.

*This event will not be recorded because it includes personal information from our panelists - a summary will be shared on our blog.

Insights from the 2020 panel:

Chart of local or virtual 2e schools:

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