Podcast: 2e Students Through the Lens of Distance Learning

Updated: May 11

Listen to our podcast with Children's Health Council. (20 mins)

With distance and hybrid learning, parents have front row seats like never before to their children’s strengths and challenges. Has your child memorized elaborate sequences of historical events but can’t remember to turn in homework? Are they doing advanced math for fun but won’t fill out a simple worksheet for school? Does your child talk about complex topics but struggle to read at grade level? You may have a twice-exceptional (2e) child!

Listen to this week’s episode to hear Callie Turk and Yael Valek, founders of Resilience and Engagement for Every Learner (REEL) and parents of 2e kids, discuss effective approaches for supporting 2e learners. Callie and Yael share strategies for building self-advocacy, communication skills and social supports while connecting with teachers to champion each child’s unique learning profile. If left unidentified or supported, twice exceptional students can be prone to anxiety, loss of self-esteem, school burnout or depression, but if properly nurtured, they can come up with solutions that others can’t see. Adds Yael, “they’re the ones changing the world.”

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