Ad Astra: Parenting your Neurodiverse Child - Strength-Based Strategies at Home & in the Classroom

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Wed, Feb 9, 2022, 7-8:30PM PST, Zoom link sent day before event

Do you have a twice exceptional student or child who is underperforming in school? Let’s help them get their light back! A happy and engaged student is one who will take on challenges. In this positivity-focused workshop, we will emphasize the many reasons neurodiverse students have to celebrate their diagnoses. We will identify strategies for building confidence, self-esteem, and self-efficacy by providing opportunities for individuals to show and grow their strengths, learning ways to tease apart the conceptual content goals from the challenges in expression, and integrating strength-based strategies into everyday life.

Abby Kirigin is a mom to three gifted, creative, and neurodiverse children. She is currently a Doctoral student of Cognitive Diversity in Education at the Bridges Graduate School, as well as the Administrative and Advancement Director for Touchstone Learning, an elementary school in the Bay Area for dyslexic and 2E students, and a partner at REEL Palo Alto, a Bay Area teacher and parent advocacy group for twice exceptionality. Additionally, Abby serves on the Board of Trustees at Woodland School, a Pre-K through 8th grade private school. She holds a Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon and an undergraduate degree from NYU in Computer Science & Philosophy. Abby previously co-founded a venture backed startup, and has worked as an Interaction Designer for startups, large companies, and the US government.

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