7/7 2e Distance Learning Event

Please join us on Tues, July 7th at 7-8pm on Zoom (link will be sent the day before the event) for an evening where we can (1) catch up on how distance learning / summer is going (2) brainstorm to create a great tool for teachers and parents to learn more about 2e kids and distance learning / blended school and (3) have a Q&A where we give each other support . We can also hang out and mingle afterwards! Please RSVP here: https://forms.gle/3y5h4X5H6ud6TRq79

We thought it would be great to get our group together to brainstorm like we did when we produced the Intro to 2e one-pager: https://8b66f8fa-d946-41f9-911a-2016f6b77afe.filesusr.com/ugd/ec88e1_44934c66aa624af78b2c360a45f68169.pdf

This time the sticky notes will be virtual ones, but the amazing contributions of this group will be the same!

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