4/29 An Evening with Marci Schwartz

April 29, 7-8:30pm, Eichler Club Room, 3539 Louis Rd, Palo Alto We at REEL are excited to host guest speaker Marci Schwartz! Are you stressed about what the future looks like? Will your 2e kids be ready for college? What do they need to think about in high school to be ready for college? Will colleges support such unique learners? How do kids who are intellectually bright but struggling in school because of a learning disability going to present to colleges? Join us to learn what colleges do to support kids with unique learning profiles, what the considerations are for parents and students as they move through the high school years, success stories, colleges that are open and supportive, and more. Hear insights to help alleviate a lot of the fear and anxiety parents have about their 2e kids' futures as well as practical tools and tips for navigating the high school years with an eye on the future.

Watch the recording here


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