2/10 A REEL Evening about BALANCE

Feb 10, 7-8:30pm, Eichler Club Room, 3539 Louis Rd, Palo Alto Are you and your child stressed about homework? Are you spending hours helping your child organize his or her homework, focus while doing homework, track assignments and quizzes, or prioritize missing homework?

Rohit Gandhe, Founder and CEO of start-up Balance and PAUSD parent will join us along with some of his team members to share his experiences with his ADHD teen and what inspired him to create a new app that helps families balance homework and playtime, with clever ways to gamify and reward positive homework behaviors. He hopes the app's theme of Live/Laugh/Eat/Repeat will transform how your family experiences homework. Rohit will present the latest prototype of his app, gather your reactions, and talk about opportunities to be involved in the next stage of the app's development.

And, of course, we'll save plenty of time to catch up with and support each other wherever we each are in our current 2e journey. RSVP here

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